1. "I think perfection is ugly. I want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion."
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    Spreads from Rope Magazine. 

    It was an interesting experience to design a full magazine. I realized that it is the hardest thing i ever had to design. To create a voice for the magazine, to maintain consistency while not falling into the depths of monotony, to find content and to visually surprise. Rope is a visual culture magazine that talks about the obscure, under the radar though significant and beautiful work in the realm of design and cinema. This issue explores the 90s output of David Lynch, a wonderful essay from  Not Coming to Theaters Near You, an interview with Experimental Jetset and the life and work of Moebius among other things. I wanted to design a magazine that I would’ve loved to read and to create an engaging visual experience. As it was a college project, i had the luxury of mistakes and failure, something i reveled in for the most part of the project.

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  3. I, Heintz Beckner, and my partner Miguel Costrela… acting on a mayday signal from this vessel in area RZ-3005… are about to enter to provide rescue assistance. October 12, 2092.

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    Memories (1995). “Magnetic Rose” segment, directed by Kōji Morimoto & written by Satoshi Kon.


  5. The definition of heavy. A powerful film that should not be taken lightly.


    Once Were Warriors (1994)


  6. An Amazing Film! Love NZ cinema.

    Favourite Movie List → Boy

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    this is the coolest thing i have seen on tumblr in a long time

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    Movies watched in 2013.

    Fight the Power.

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    Film Meme: films (10/10)

    2001: A Space Odyssey (1968; dir. Stanley Kubrick)

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